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Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil

$6.49 CAD

Feel a stuffy nose or pesky cough coming on? Don't worry, our Eucalyptus oil is the natural solution to all your problems. 

Eucalyptus essential oil has a invigorating and cooling aroma and is best known for taking care of coughs and colds as well as providing relief of a congested nose. 

Suggested Aromatherapy Use*:

  • Mix together your own rub to help with respiratory issues. Simply use a few drops mixed with melted beeswax and an oil of your choice and rub on neck and chest. 
  • Add a few drops to a diffuser and stimulate your senses with the refreshing aroma
  • Combine with your choice of oil and apply to hair to both minimize dandruff/itchy scalp and make your hair nice and moisturized
  • Dilute in bath water to stimulate your senses and help reduce muscle pains


  • 100% Pure
  • Cruelty free
  • High grade
  • Packed in dark amber glass bottles to retain oil quality and filter out ultra-violet light 

*Please consult your health care practitioner for recommended use. Pure essential oils must be diluted prior to use.

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