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Maca Powder, Organic, Raw

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454 g

Our organic maca powder is here to elevate your day!

Raw organic maca powder benefits:

This superfood is commonly eaten to boost energy as well as balance mood, stress, and hormone levels. We use raw maca because it best retains nutrients, including a rich variety of amino acids, minerals, phytonutrients and more. It also has a nutty, malty taste with hints of caramel.

How to eat organic maca powder:

Add our maca to smoothies, homemade ice cream, oatmeal, cereal, truffles, lattes, and baking. You can also replace your morning coffee with a maca beverage for a natural energy boost!


Organic / Non-GMO / Paleo / Vegan / Gluten free / Ethically sourced directly from farmers in Peru


100% Organic raw maca.

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