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About Us

Who are you?

Hi there! We are a small team of vegetarian food lovers based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. We've been in the health food industry for 20 years, and after many requests from our lovely customers, we created this little online shop to make affordable healthy food more accessible for everyone.

What does "Elimento" mean?

Our name Elimento comes from the word "alimento" which means "nourishment" in Spanish. Our humble dream is to make nourishing superfoods more accessible because we believe superfoods are essential to everyone's health. 

How is Elimento different?

We believe that food carries "energy" depending on who made it. That's why we only work with small, values-driven companies who:

  1. source their products ethically
  2. use clean ingredients only
  3. treat their employees kindly
  4. care for the environment

100% of our products are either vegetarian or vegan, and made with NO preservatives, artificial ingredients, chemicals, or anything we wouldn't want our kid to eat.

How do you offer such affordable prices?

  1. We avoid unnecessary advertisements & fancy expenses in order to transfer more savings to you
  2. We get our products directly from the manufacturer to eliminate the cost of the middle man
  3. We keep margins low because at the end of the day, our goal is to help more families eat healthier
When you buy from Elimento...
  1. You are supporting small local companies dedicated to making food with integrity
  2. You are voting for healthy, ethically sourced, and environmentally friendly foods
  3. You are saving money on quality superfoods that are essential to your health