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Banana Chips, Organic

$5.49 CAD

227 g

What's better than bananas? Banana chips! Fellow banana lovers, this one's for you.

Made with organic coconut oil and delicately sweetened with organic sugar, these banana chips are as clean as chips can get.

We love them because they're delightfully crunchy yet not overly sweet or greasy. With absolutely NO preservatives, artificial flavours or added salt, you can munch on these knowing they're made the way nature intended.

The next time you're craving a crunchy snack, ditch the greasy potato chips and opt for these instead!

How to eat organic banana chips:

Enjoy directly by the handful, dip into nut butters, or add to cereal, trail mix, salads, and baking.


Organic / Non-GMO / Kosher / No palm oil / Packed in Canada by Everland, a Canadian family company


Organic bananas, organic coconut oil, organic sugar.

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