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Maple Syrup, Organic (Dark Canada #3)

$16.49 CAD

500 ml

Because life is better with maple syrup.

Organically harvested in Canada, Everland's 100% pure, organic maple syrup is unrefined with NO artificial flavours, colours, or additives.

Canada No. 3 Dark maple syrup has a beautiful dark colour and a deep caramel, molasses flavour. 

Baking, cooking and other places where the syrup is competing with other strong flavours.

How to Use Dark Maple Syrup:

  • Make maple-roasted sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, and other root vegetables
  • Use in cooking sauces or barbecue glazes (maple baked tofu, anyone?)
  • Enjoy in baking and desserts
  • Make homemade maple nut granola
  • Add to mashed sweet potatoes or squash


Organic / Non-GMO / 100% Pure / Harvested in Canada


Pure organic maple syrup.

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