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4 Reasons You Need Nutritional Yeast In Your Life

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Affectionately nicknamed "nooch", nutritional yeast is a magical ingredient that's here to rock your world. It may not have a sexy name, but it's insanely tasty and nutritious. NOT to be confused with brewer's yeast, baker's yeast, or processed yeast extract, nutritional yeast is an inactive yeast grown from beet molasses.

Here are 4 reasons why you need nooch in your life right now:

1. It's cheezy heaven.

vegan mac and cheese nutritional yeast

Source: Vegan Yumminess

Allergic to cheese? There is still hope! This vegan, gluten free ingredient tastes like cheese and can replace cheese in any recipe (*mic drop*).

Wishing for mac n' cheese without all the fat? Nutritional yeast. Want amazing nachos but can't eat cheese? Nutritional yeast. In need of some cheezy pasta? Nutritional yeast. 


2. It's almost a sodium-free "seasoning".

Vegan Cheesy Popcorn With Nutritional Yeast

Source: Sprouted Routes

I know. I was mind blown too when I first tried it. Despite having close to no sodium, nooch has a flavourful, naturally "salty" taste. Move over, salt.

Throw some nutritional yeast in your gravy, popcorn, soups and stews, rice, potatoes...heck, any dish that yearns for some savory flavour. You can now reduce your sodium intake and watch your blood pressure while still enjoying flavourful, "salty" food! What a time to be alive!


3. It's a nutritional powerhouse.

Vegan Alfredo Pasta Sauce With Nutritional Yeast

Source: Simple Vegan Blog

Don't let its humble appearance fool you; nutritional yeast is a powerhouse of essential nutrients including many different minerals, vitamins, and protein. What will really make your eyebrows go up is that nooch is a rare plant-based source of vitamin B12 (crucial for red blood cell creation and nervous system function). As vitamin B12 cannot be produced by our bodies and is otherwise only found in animal sources, nooch is a vegetarian and vegan's best friend.

When buying nooch, choose one whose vitamin B12 is produced naturally through fermentation rather than added in from synthetic or animal sources. We choose Everland nutritional yeast for this reason.


4. It will keep you full for longer.

Vegan Cheese Sauce With Nutritional Yeast


Hungry friends, nooch has got your back. With 8g protein in just a 15g serving, nooch will not only satisfy you with its cheezy taste, but also keep you full for longer. No more sad dinners that leave you scavenging for something more to satisfy your tummy...

It's time to welcome nooch into your life. Shop our nutritional yeast today! You can even buy bulk nutritional yeast here -- here's your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive headfirst into a 5 lb bag of nooch. Oh yeah.


Post written by: Emily Chen

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