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9 Cheesy Valentine's Puns & Ideas

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Valentine's Day can be a lot to handle. Figuring out what to do, what to eat, which card to get, or how to surprise your partner can easily cause more stress than joy.

Well, we're here to help you out! This Valentine's, make your partner giggle with these cheesy puns and sweet gestures. Lovingly curated by yours truly, the hopeless romantics of Elimento, these ideas are sure to sweeten up your Valentine's Day.

1. Prepare a roasted garlic pasta dinner, set the table like a fancy restaurant, and place this note on your date's napkin.

I love you from my head tomatoes - food pun


2. Make 'em swoon with this smooth invitation to a Valentine's "date".

Do you have a raisin? No? How about a date? Food pun

3. Wake your partner up with Valentine's pancakes! Serve with organic cranberry-infused honey and this cute line.

Honey pun - will you bee my honey? - Elimento

4. Prepare a picnic spread. Toss up a sexy salad with avocado chunks and avocado oil. Attach this punny note to their fork.

Avocado pun - I want to avocuddle you - Elimento

5. Build a blanket fort together. Decorate with fairy lights. Cuddle up inside for a dinner and movie.

Chili puns - netflix and chili

6. Sneak a pack of walnuts into your partner's lunch bag with this sweet phrase.

Nut puns - You're nuts but i love you - Elimento

7. Remind them of your undying love with a punny jar of organic coconut oil.

Oil puns - coconut oil jokes - oil always love you - Elimento

8. Surprise your Valentine with breakfast in bed: luxurious dark chocolate peanut butter toast with this cute phrase.

Peanut butter puns - you're the peanut butter to my toast - Elimento

9. Make your movie night sweeter by attaching this note to their popcorn.

Popcorn puns - Valentine's Puns - You make my heart pop


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