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6 Pantry Staples You Need To Be Ridiculously Healthy

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We've all been there. We swore we'd eat healthy and cook dinner 5 nights a week. Then BOOM - the craving for greasy Indian takeout hit us, and down went our New Year's resolutions, just like the wilting spinach in our fridge.

With these 6 pantry staples, you'll find yourself becoming ridiculously healthier in no time.

6 Pantry Staples To Be Ridiculously Healthy - Elimento Market Blog

1. Curry paste

Curry paste is here to save you from those mischievous cravings! Before you can reach for the Indian takeout menu, quickly simmer curry paste with rice, veggies, or beans. In just a few minutes, you have yourself a flavourful, satisfying homemade meal.

Be sure to choose a good quality, 100% natural curry paste with NO preservatives, hydrogenated oil, or ingredients you can't pronounce. 


2. Nut butters

Organic Raw Cashew Butter - New World Foods

Source: New World Foods

Put 'em in smoothies, put 'em in quick sandwiches, and put 'em in baking for a nutty protein boost. Nut butters make life SO easy.

Always have a variety in your pantry to keep things interesting. We like to have a mix of:

    3. Flax (cold milled)

    Flax Seed Banana Oat Smoothie

    Source: World of Moms

    Getting your plant-based source of omega-3 was never easier! Add flax to your smoothies, yogurt, and baking for an easy boost of fibre and essential healthy fats. Flax even makes your smoothies nice n' thick without adding icky taste or excessive calories/sugar.

    Choose cold milled flax (instead of regular ground flax or whole flax seeds) to ensure the nutrients are retained and easily absorbed.


    4. Nutritional yeast

    Nutritional Yeast - Elimento Market Blog

    Source: Vegan Yumminess

    This magical ingredient is here to rock your world! It may not sound sexy, but it adds incredible cheezy flavour to pasta, popcorn, grains, and stews. Best of all, nutritional yeast is a plant-based source of protein and vitamin B12 which will totally get you crushing those healthy eating goals. Get yours online here.


    5. Quality oils

    Everland Organic Coconut Oil - Elimento Market

    Not just any oil, but quality oils that nourish you with omega-3 or omega-9 healthy fats instead of empty calories. Aim for one with a high smoke point as well as one that is suitable for drizzling onto salads, pasta, and vegetables.

    We like to always have:

      6. Healthy snacks

      Organic Dark Chocolate Almond Butter - Elimento Market Blog

      Let's be real. You're human, and sometimes your sweet tooth will strike. Prepare for those cravings by stocking up on healthier snacks such as:


      So what are you waiting for? Your healthy future is waiting for you in your pantry. Start shopping healthy now. You can do it!


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