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8 Ideas for "Me Time"

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8 Ways To Enjoy "Me Time"

Are you stressed? Worn out? In need of a vacation? We feel you. Although you can't necessarily teleport yourself to Hawaii right now, you can schedule weekly "me time" to stay sane.

"But I don't have time for that," you protest. Well, the time to relax is when you don't have time for it. Trust me, you'll feel much fresher and ready to take on the daily grind when you've given your mind and body some time to relax. Here are our favourite ways to enjoy some "me time"...


1. Do something just for fun (seriously!).

Painting - Me Time

For once, do something just for the heck of it. Let go of your urge to be always productive, and do something that just makes you happy. Whether that means finger painting, trying a Zumba class, shopping for stickers (oh yes), or fiddling with a ukulele, simply have fun. You are worth it.


2. Doodle what you're grateful for.

Drawing - Me Time

Unwind on a quiet Saturday morning with scrap paper and a pencil. Doodle away freely, and draw what you're grateful for that week. You'll feel so happy and blessed afterwards. Better yet, diffuse some lavender essential oil in the room to further relax your senses.


3. Take a bubble bath.

Take A Bath - Me Time

Close that laptop, shut out the noise, and give yourself a moment in the tub. Immerse yourself in a nice hot bath to let off some steam. Add bubbles to revive that childhood joy, or add epsom salts for the ultimate muscle relaxation experience. You deserve this.


4. Enjoy some moving meditation.

Walking / Moving Meditation - Me Time

Leave your device at home and go for a walk. Stroll around a park, listen to the rustling leaves, and feel the breeze flowing through your hair. Walk without purpose. Walk with no destination. Simply BE. You are blessed with functioning legs and the freedom to move around. Enjoy.


5. Dance to your favourite song.

Dance - Me Time

Crank up your favourite hit and DANCE like nobody's watching! Don't just sit there and bob your head. Go all out as if you OWN that stage (even if you're just dancing around in your bathroom). Use the comb as a mic. You're a star.


6. Cook a meal that YOU want.

Cook - Me Time

Sometimes cooking can be therapeutic, too. Take a moment to ask yourself, "What do I feel like eating? What does my body want right now?"...And go make just that! Whether it's a burrito bowl, homemade brownies, or some soul-warming curry, nourish your body and enjoy that connection with your food. Prepping ingredients is the perfect time to empty your mind as well.


7. Stretch.

Stretch - Me Time

Sitting at a computer all day or taking care of kids/errands/chores can really make your body ache. Take a break on the mat and listen to your body. Do whatever stretches you need to feel better. Let your body guide you, and enjoy the much needed relief.


8. Just lie there.

Lie Down - Me Time

No joke. Just lie down on the floor and prop your legs up against the wall at a 90 degree angle. Your tired legs will love you for it. Resist the urge to look at your phone while doing this; this is YOUR moment to empty your mind.

 8 Ways to Spend Me Time

We hope these ideas can give you some much needed relief from your everyday battles. Remember to always love yourself no matter how busy you are. Know someone who could benefit from some "me time"? Share this article with them via the share buttons below!


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