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Should I Stay Away From Caffeine?

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… is the question a lot of us wake up to each morning. We’ve all heard scary things about coffee being bad for your heart, digestion, bladder and sleep. Even a quick Google search will yield a lot of opposing claims. We felt it’s time to get to the bottom of things and help you feel good about your morning cuppa. Time to separate facts from fiction!


Q: Does caffeine dehydrate me?

The short answer is no. Contrary to a wide-spread belief, current scientific evidence shows that caffeine does not act as a diuretic. Moreover, most fluids contribute to your “8 by 8” rule meaning that coffee and tea actually hydrate you.

Q: Is caffeine going to upset my stomach?

Scientists have done the work for you here, too. A meta-analysis of fifteen case-control studies has shown that there is no link between caffeine consumption and gastroesophageal reflux disease (the complicated name for excessive stomach acid irritating the esophagus and causing heartburn).

Q: Will it make me feel anxious?

This depends on the overall mental state, as well as on the dosage. 20-200 mg a day will actually increase your alertness, help you shake off the sleepiness and can even elevate mood! Problems usually start with over-consumption, and it’s not coffee but the high-caffeine energy drinks that are growing dangerously popular in North America right now.

Q: What about tea, coke and chocolate?

Here's a handy infographics comparing caffeine content in popular drinks:


Q: Who can I trust to have all the facts about caffeine?

We've double-checked our facts with this coffee digest compiled by Harvard Public School of Health. They have more info on the benefits of having caffeine in your diet. 

Q: What if I am still not persuaded?

There are several options you can try as an energy-boosting and caffeine-free alternative. Among them is maca powder, derived from a plant originating from Peru. A good few generations of healthy Peruvians have been swearing by its powers which include energy boosting  as well as balancing mood, stress, and hormone levels.  It's also a smoothie staple for everyone here at the Elimento office. If you're looking for that coffee-like flavour or, perhaps, miss your mochas, try experimenting with carob powder that'll be extra useful for someone with cocoa-related allergies. Another energy-boosting advice comes from India. Chai tea, especially with turmeric, is their go-to drink in the morning. 



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